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Grace in the Depths

A resource by pastors to help pastors think and talk about depression and the struggles on mental health in ministry.

Latest from the Blog

The Great White Shark (Jon’s story)

My name’s Jon. I’m a husband, father to two young kids, I work in the creative industry, I’m a musician.. but primarily I’m a Christian. I’ve had run-ins with acute mental health challenges on and off since the age of 16. My first brush with ‘the great white shark’ as I call it was when…

My year with anti-depressants

Every so often, when talking about Christians and depression, the question of medication comes up. Is it okay for Christians to take anti-depressants? Do they actually work?  Does this suggest a failure to rely on God?  On Faithroots later this week there’ll be an article digging a bit deeper into those questions but here on…

A theology and a conversation about depression

The Pastor with a Thorn in His Side was published about a year ago, telling the stories of 7 pastors, including those contributing to this site who have struggled with depression. This was intended to be part of but not the end of the conversation. So, you may be interested in two further contributions to…

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